Monday, November 8, 2010

My non-human companions

So, Will and I recently purchased a dog, a Sheltie. Her name is Jandia, but I call her Jandi for short. I'm crazy about her! She's so loving and sweet that it's impossible not to do everything in my power to make her as happy as she can be.  I took the pictures below three days after I purchased Jandi. You can tell she is uneasy and nervous, but she's quite a different dog now; she has relaxed and opened up immensely. We find out new sides to her just about every day. We have finally discovered her playful side, but she's mainly just a little homebody that loves to snuggle and follow me from room to room. She really enjoys going on walks at the park and car rides around town.  I have also discovered that she really loves playing with other dogs; we've made some great friends at the local dog parks and set up play dates from time to time. She's still very quiet unless she has something in particular to say, and trust me, everyone within a mile will hear it. Wow, she has a loud voice for such a small, meek creature. 

My cat, Zoe, was very unsure at first; in fact, when I first brought Jandi home, I came through the door first and had the dog follow me in. Zoe ran to the door to greet me as usual, but as soon as Jandi slunk around the corner,  Zoe stopped mid step with her paw still in the air and had a look of utter betrayal. She looked.....hurt...that is the only way to describe it. Jandi sat down next to me, and Zoe army crawled on her belly up to Jandi, as if the dog couldn't see her in plain sight, and slapped her (the dog) across the face. Out of all the reactions I anticipated from the cat, that was not one of them. Jandi just looked up at me like, "What's her problem?"  I suppose it was a good thing that I had just placed Soft Claws on Zoe's front claws; so, I know it couldn't have hurt, but I still felt bad for Jandi. Despite the fact that Zoe has been the love of my life for years, I must say that her temper and disposition are not as sweet and meek as Jandi's. I have often thought that Zoe must be the reincarnation of a crotchety old woman, grouchy and prissy. She definitely does have her sweet, cuddly and playful moments; however, she's rather spiteful, mischievous and spoiled. Anytime you sit down, she will always immediately jump up on your lap, and she usually doesn't want to be touched too much; so, if you do touch her, she'll ignore for the first few attempts, then, turn and glare at you and squeak (like a "hmph" a bratty kid does), and THEN, she'll give you a nip, not ever hard though. Will thinks it's cute and endearing when she nips; she also does that when she's happy or playful, which is most of the time. If you keep up touching her, she'll jump down and sit a few feet away, and if you call to her she'll flip her head the other way, swish her tail and resolutely walk out. She has these funny little tantrums. Haha! What a diva! Honestly though, she's great, very loving and playful, and we ADORE her queer, eccentric personality. 

Over the last few weeks, the two have grown accustomed to each other. They play and lay together from time to time, but they give each other lots of space too. So, we have quite a happy home here, with lots of other small pets as well. We have a crown tailed beta who we've named Leviathon, a sea monster that is one of the 7 princes of hell and the gate keeper. Leviathon, the beta looks pretty evil; so, it suits him. We have two leopard geckos, Titan and Tangerine, and we also have two hermit crabs, Herman and the mean one. lol We didn't bother to name the latter because we rarely interact with the ornery creature. That makes up our happy home. 

Will is not so crazy about pets as I am; in fact, if it wasn't for me, he would prefer not to have any. But since I grew up surrounded by animals, literally, it's impossible for me to not have them around. Will also wasn't crazy about Jandi at first, but I was really touched to come home to a bed that was carefully made for Jandi out of a child hood blanket that will has been harboring for 20 years. The dogs adores that blanket, and I love  the bond it created. Our little home if full, warm and happy. Life is good. 

There's that crotchety old woman I was talking about. Haha! So cute!

 Zoe exploring our new apartment and dragging her toys along.

Manny eating a nasty centipede.


She looked like she felt awkward! lol "Ah! She's doing pictures again! Quick! Look away!"

Caught a moment of camaraderie. The cat doesn't like people; she's super shy, and a guy was walking by our door. So alarmed! lol

Titan & Tangerine