Tuesday, October 19, 2010

....updates and clean slates..................................

Wow...it has been a really, really.....really....long time since I've updated the cosmos on what twists my life has taken in the recent weeks and even months (sadly, it really has been that long :P) Well, mainly, I've been working...a lot. When I'm not working my 80 hours with my patient during the week, I'm doing house work, and when I'm not doing work in the house, I'm doing work at church or service projects, but I love the busy bustle of life! It makes the rare moments when time seems to stop that much sweeter. Maybe that's why I love honey bees so much. They seem to have perfected the balance between hard, driven work and lazily droning around during the blazing summer months. Other than work, I've been having a whole lot of fun, mainly crafts, reading, group get togethers, concerts, local events, writing, cooking tons, planting things, artsy stuff and hanging with my honey and our cat.....and our new addition, Jandi the dog.

I have had a crazy fun summer, and I'm looking forward to an even better fall. Will and I went camping and to the  Earth Wellness Festival weekend a month ago. We got to see our favorite local band, Cavedoll, and the weather was perfect. The festival as a whole was awesome! I intend to go every year; they had lots of cool booths about how to live happy, well balanced and long lives. Some booths were a little out there for me.....well....quite a few actually, he he. The ENTIRE festival was powered with solar panels, which is awesome! My Dad told me recently that he's afraid that I'm becoming a "Tree hugger" because I'm into Greenpeace, organic/mainly pescetarian eating, saving animals, political happenings, artsy junk, music, hoola hooping, yoga and holistic medicine. lol  Perhaps. I don't know what I am other than insanely happy. Yesterday, Will and I got a dog, a Sheltie. She's lovely and very sweet; I'm so excited to find out who she is and how she'll fit into our lives!!! I'll post pictures and more about her later. 

On a more depressing note, I went and saw my Professor friend and confidant for all things medical a week or two ago; he's a Chiropractor and wicked genius when it comes to nutrition and natural/sports medicine. He adjusted my spine and hips, which feels amazing! If you've never had it done, I highly suggest trying it. I have sciatica, and since he cracked my bones, I have slept better, had more energy and an absence of pain that has been a relief that I didn't know could exist. I haven't felt this good in years; I was totally jazzed. I discussed my struggles that I've been having with my out of control ADD and my knees and ankle when I run. He had solutions for me, but they were not easy to hear. Sigh.....no more sugar or refined food and......no more running until I lose 50 lbs. How devastating for an aspiring marathoner to hear, but he did offer me hope. He told me to take my eating habits and lifestyle back to basics: no sugar or refined food, lots of veggies, 100 g protien per day, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper, get good rest and walk on an incline for an hour a day, and above anything else, consistency. Once I reach my weight loss goal, my body will once again be ready for high level activity. So, I'm totally in!!! Of course I am! I couldn't live with myself if I gave up so easily. So, I'm starting over with a clean slate, trying to let go of my pre-misconceptions, mistakes and all that blather. I believe my new four legged friend will help; she loves running and walking :) So nice to not be alone in this. I have many other friends and family that I adore and make my life so full of happiness that I can barely contain it. Life.Is. Good.  :)    Here are some picks of the festival and camping. 
Our good buddies Allison and Camden of Cavedoll. (We heart them)
Lovely Allison again. She's a doll :)

The whole band.

Our scrumptious hobo dinner.

Will....doing something....not sure what lol : P

The sunrise coming over the peak in Rockport State Park at Twin Coves campground. 

Celebrating diversity.

Solar power rocks my world.

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