Monday, March 8, 2010

A Good Day of Troubles and Victories...

Today was filled with torture....and sweet success! I fought and conquered a myriad of troubles today. I was faced with opposition and turmoil at every turn while in my patient's house. She has a junk food/sweet tooth, and every drawer, nook and cranny is crammed with devilish little morsels from Hell that tempt and tease me. Usually, I surrender without much of a fight on my part, Today...was different.

I did not cave once! I feel great! It was cake after the first couple of hours. This is what I had today:
  • 7:15 AM vitamin shake
  • 9:15 AM 1 cheese stick
  • 11:15 AM 1 sliced cucumber with olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, 1 sliced avocado and half a tuna salad sandwich on toasted whole grain bread
  • 1:15 PM 6 almonds
  • 3:15 PM 1/2 whiskey river bbq chicken spinach wrap with cantelope 
  • 6:30 PM 1 VERY small portion of chilli with 2 Lite Grahm crackers and milk
No crap food like I usually succumb to. Although, I did have a five minute stare down with my spinach wrap before I finally decided to put half of it in a To-Go box for Will. I didn't falter; that's the main point...not to say I wasn't tempted. I never used to be a glutton or a sweet tooth whore, but somewhere a long the way, food has begun to fill a void.I feel a change taking place in me, a shift; it feels good and invigorating. I went running with Will when I came home from work. I wore my knee brace, but it still ached for the first few minutes of jogging. Overall, it was a great run! I feel stronger and more resilient. I also noticed that I tackled my hill with out nearly as much exertion and fatigue as usual.  

After my run, I got to talk to my best friend from home, she told me about the jogging class she's  taking and her running. I hope she decides to run the marathon with me. What a fantabulous day! I'm ready for a much lusted after night of sleep. Later!

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