Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I love honey bees.

The L.A. marathon was today! I had hoped to go, but I couldn't get over in time. I wanted to cheer for people at the finish line :( Oh well. Next time. Today hasn't been an "amazing" day, but was alright. 

My husband and I drove over to Fillmore to look at the orchards and browse the fruit stands. I love them! They're so cool! We also went to a honey farm and tasted all kinds of honey. I adore honey bees! I'm serious. It used to be my dream to have a honey bee farm; I've been catching bees in my hands since I was 18 months old. Although, it took a lot of stings and about six years for me to perfect the practice. Poor bees. When my mom asked what I did to the bees that stung me, I'd always answer that I punished them by tearing their wings off so they'd have to walk everywhere the rest of their lives, which is short as it is since stinging something is a death sentence. How hideous was I?! I haven't been stung in about 16 years, but I still catch 'em and play every chance I get. The secret is to cup them in your hands, but be very careful not to squish them. If you do it that way, they never sting. 

I'm putting together a small package for my sister, and I think it turned out quite well. I bought a cheapo mug, some fresh ginger from a fruit stand and Eucalyptus honey from the honey farm. I'm wrapping it up all pretty; then, I'll put instruction on how to make fresh ginger tea. She feels a little sick from time to time, and ginger tea is awesome for nausea and circulation! 

Anyhow, I think I got dehydrated today. I didn't drink much water until late afternoon, and by the time I realized I was thirsty I was in the kitchen guzzling it by the gallon. Dang. When I'm thirsty, I. Am. Thirsty! Not too long after that, I started to feel sluggish and swollen all over. Eh, not a good feeling. I won't be doing this again any time soon. lol

We had an earthquake today, which is a HUGE deal for me! I'm so happy I slept through it; if I'd been awake, I would have had a category 5 melt down. I'm sure I'll experience one sooner or later.....hopefully, later. Its still scary to this Texan. All I have to say is...yes. A hurricane is no picnic, but at least you can trust the ground you're running away on. I miss Texas and my family.  

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