Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 1: Executed. 729 more to go...

Day 1 was great! The weather was sheer perfection! I got in a good long walk. I had intended to run some, but I got caught up in chatting with my hubby. Before I knew it, we were back at home with our route completed. So, I intend to get some running time in on Wed. My program suggests I run 1 minute, then walk 1 minute. I was a little concerned; I noticed my knee was aching slightly. So, I will try wrapping it when I run next. 

The rest of the day was fun! We went to a park and read in the breezy, sunshine for an hour. I'm reading Jane Austen's Emma. Then, we walked around in town so I could try and capture some good photos for my deviantart site. I got some good ones. 

The real problem I ran into was when my sweet cravings hit hardcore around 5:30 pm. I was scouring the house looking for anything with any degree of sugar. I would have been ashamed if I hadn't been so crazed. I ended up raiding our cookie dough a little :( Grrr! This is not easy! Oh well, moving on. Overall, I had a wonderful day and am looking forward to a good week! I haven't gotten my stats together yet; so, I'll post those soon. 

P.S. Thank you Mel! She is my first follower, and her blog is awesome!!! It has given me a lot of great ideas about how I want to proceed with my training. Check her out here: 

A picture I took today. It makes me feel serene :)

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