Monday, February 15, 2010

Go Big or Go Home...

Alrighty! I'm so ready to get moving! Tomorrow, I'm staring my new regimen....a little scared, a lot excited. Many have taken it upon themselves to make sure I'm fully aware that they think I'm psyched out of my head for wanting to run a marathon, but it's been a dream of mine for some time. And what better time to get started than right now. I can't even run a full minute without stopping;  so, I'm starting at ground zero. I suppose since this is my first entry I will give a small introduction of myself and why I'm doing this. 

My name's Michelle; I'm from Lake Jackson, TX. My favorite things to do are surf, read and talk. About 4 years ago, I moved from Texas to Provo, UT to attend BYU University, and yes, I'm one of those "crazy Mormons." Haha! We're not nearly as peculiar as most people believe. AND, like myself, the majority of us are super friendly:P When I moved to Utah, I was a very fit, healthy young lady of 118 lbs. My profile picture was taken a couple weeks before I moved; I surfed and did yoga everyday to keep in shape. 

Turns out, I was not nearly as prepared for being landlocked in the cold as I thought.....In fact, I down right hate it! Ugh! My first winter (and every winter since) was miserable and only bearable because I lived down the street from the best hot chocolate providers in town, 711 convenient store. Needless to say, with week after long week of bundling up on my comfy couch and drinking hot chocolate by the gallon, I began packing on the lbs. It was very gradual at first, and over the last 4 years, it has continued to slowly creep up on me until I've gained around a 100lbs past my normal weight. I've tried many times to get back in control; I often contemplate the fact that I can scarcely believe I've let this happen to myself. I never thought I'd fall victim to excess laziness and overeating. I'm here to tell you my friend that no one is safe!

But, don't despair; there is hope. I'm also here to prove that anyone can turn their life back around with a steadfast plan and scratch resistant resolve. I will post my weekly weight and success along with daily updates on problems I encounter and obstacles I conquer. I decided to keep a blog during this as a sort of journal and motivator for myself.  

My plan consists of three days of running, two of extended yoga routines and one long run on Saturday. With a rest day on Sunday. I'll post my weekly stats tomorrow. Well, gotta hit the hay. Tomorrow the torture....I begins. :P Later!
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  1. Hey Michelle - thanks for dropping by my blog. You've set some fantastic goals - i can't wait to watch you achieve!!