Friday, February 19, 2010

Tribute to Rain ☂

Gotta love Led Zepplin. Well, once again, no yoga X-training yesterday. I should do something to stretch, even if I have to jump on the mat and pretend I know what I'm doing. I can't find the style I'm looking for, a combination of Ashtanga techniques and something slower. Running is wonderful! I love it! It is such a free, empowering feeling to know your body is getting you somewhere, despite the fact that I'm not a good runner. I will go later today, although it's raining.

I'm new to California, but even I can't believe all the rain. I hear my patients say they have never seen this much rain here. It's pretty funny how people here react to it. I run into many Californians who ask with a serious face, "Is this what a hurricane is like?" I just laugh and shake my head. They have no clue! All these storms would be considered light showers back home. I adore rain, but I was so excited to get that California sunshine I hear so much about.

Our Earth is changing I think; what a cool thing to witness. A little scary too. I'm not big on global warming. I think we are very much damaging our Earth and need to change the way we live ASAP. I love this planet and would like to keep it healthy. However, I don't believe the degree of emergency they are stressing at the moment....apocalypse and such. It is normal for Earth to change; it always has and always will, until the end anyway. Since when is this planet a constant? I believe people waste too much energy and time worrying when time and energy would be better  companions of action and living, myself included.

Meals are going well; however, I'm still battling sweet cravings. I think my family is trying to sabotage me. My dad(in-law) brought in Samoa and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies and displayed them right in front of me. Sigh....of course I caved. Damn this age and its processed, delicious, deadly food! Curse it all! I need to retrain my palate...hardcore. 

On a good note, I've lost 4 lbs. since I started my running regimen, probably water weight. I've been peeing like a pregnant race horse! TMI-I know. Starting Monday, I will post my "stats",  which are weight, inches and my food journals. Pretty soon I would like to start orienting my posts around how I feel physically AND emotionally when I'm running, yoga, etc. I'm still new at this, and organizing the waves of word vomit takes practice. Have a wonderful day! Namaste

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